Cabinetry Styles

Cabinetry Styles

There are a few different cabinetry styles that you can choose from for your home. Learn more about each option below to see which one fits your unique style.

Full Overlay Cabinetry

With full overlay cabinets, the door and drawer fronts almost completely cover the cabinet face, revealing very little of the cabinet frame between cabinet units. This style brings a continuous look that enhances a transitional or contemporary style.

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Full Overlay cabinetry with shaker door and drawer fronts. The kitchen island is in a dark stained wood and the side wall cabinets in all white with brick walls.
White bathroom vanity full overlay drawer stack with recessed panel doors
White full overlay bathroom vanity with recessed panel door fronts

Partial Overlay Cabinetry

Also known as a standard overlay, is a cabinet is a style where the door only partially covers the cabinet face frame, leaving about a 2-inch strip of the frame visible across the entire face of the cabinet. The doors and drawers will overlap the frame evenly around the opening of each cabinet. This cabinetry style is one of the most common and traditional choices.

Stained outside grill with partial overlay cabinetry and shaker door fronts
Kitchen with partial overlay cabinetry and recessed panel door fronts

Inset Cabinetry

With this style, your cabinet doors and drawers sit inside the cabinet face frame opening, flush with the face frame. This style requires extremely precise measurements and craftsmanship to fit the door and drawer inside the face frame.  This style typically requires exposed hinges rather than concealed hinges as well. With inset cabinets, you can personalize your custom cabinets with beaded or non-beaded insets to create your own look. The beaded inset is fitted into the cabinet door itself and is an attention grabbing detail that can dress up any cabinet piece in your home.

Blue Inset Shaker style custom cabinets
Outdoor grill with stained inset shaker cabinets
Gray Inset Laundry room cabinetry with shaker style doors

Once you have decided which cabinetry style is right for your home then you need to choose your door style.

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