Custom Design

Eastburn Woodworks will work with your builder, designer, and architect to construct and hand finish the work of your dreams. We take the time to pay close attention to detail and use the latest in CAD technologies to design your custom cabinetry.


Door Cutting

There are many door styles to choose from for your custom cabinetry. To cut the door style of your choice we use special machinery such as the Unique Shaper-Sander to profile door edges, raised panels, and furniture components.

Learn more about door and cabinet styles here.



Edgebanding is used to cover the exposed edges of your cabinets which will increase the durability and it gives your cabinets a seamless look. Our Biesse Edgebanding Machine uses a compressed hot air system to perfectly bond the edge to the cabinet panel. This process guarantees a resistance to water and heat and gives the cabinets quality finish that will last for a long time.


Custom Paint

Deciding on the finish for your cabinetry can be one of the most challenging decisions. There are so many color options for you chose from for your custom cabinets so, to help you out we have created plenty of samples at our showroom for you to browse through. If you aren’t finding what you like we can work with our experts to match your dream finish! At Eastburn Woodworks, we use trusted brands like Sherwin Williams to provide quality paint and stain finishes for the cabinetry we build.


Once your cabinets have been completed at our shop we hand deliver them to your home. Our installers take their time with your new cabinetry to carefully install them into their new home. They will also install any hardware you have chosen for your new pieces and will meet with you to make sure everything is placed where you want it.


Finding the perfect hardware to complement your cabinets can become overwhelming with all the available options. To make this process easier, we offer to meet with our customers at our showroom where we have displays of the hardware we offer. This way the customer can see and feel what their hardware will look like. If you would like to get a head start on picking out your hardware you can check out our Hardware Catalogs page where we have listed the catalogs for the brands we carry.