Pecky Cypress Library

Pecky Cypress Library

This beautiful custom library was built out of Pecky Cypress. A unique lumber with exceptional color and unique pocketing. The pockets in this type of lumber are not made by any type of animal, they are actually formed by a natural fungus called Polyporus Amarus. This fungus enters older Cypress trees through branch loss or other effects that destroy the bark of the tree. Usually, Polyporus Amarus does not start to start to germinate inside the Cypress tree until it’s around 125 years old. The Pecky pockets formed by Polyporus Amarus only happens from the inside out in a circular pattern following the rings of the tree, making this type of Cypress lumber so special because you won’t know if the Pecky holes exist until you get to the heartwood of the tree. Once the Cypress tree is cut down the Polyporus Amarus fungus disappears, leaving behind only the characteristic pocketing it formerly created. Like all Cypress, Pecky Cypress is beautiful to look at, extremely durable, and resistant to both rot and insects.

We have used Pecky Cypress on a few of our projects but nothing compares to an entire library being built out of this beautiful wood species. One of our favorite pieces of this unique library is the secret bookshelf door. Check out the video at the end of the post to see this secret doorway in action


Custom Study Hidden Bookshelf Door from Riegler Photo on Vimeo.

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